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Big Research in Tiny Speeches

Want to know more about recent conservation research & theses in Belgium? The Book of Abstracts from the full-day conference CONSERVATION TALKS 2018: Big Research in Tiny Speeches is available online!

This event, which was held on December 11 2018, focused on research in conservation led in Belgium. It aimed to bring together heritage professionals & students for presentations and interactive sessions about recent research and theses.

Conservation Talks objective is to create an opportunity for conservators to get in touch, exchange and enrich their research/practice; and for students and young graduates to make a first step into the professional world and get constructive input about their research project.

10:00 // Welcome 
10:30 // Introduction
10:40 // Session 1: Ethical reflection
Estelle De Bruyn | The sustainable storage and its perspectives for small-scale institutions (ENSAV La Cambre)
Negin Eisazadeh | Towards an inclusive approach to built heritage values (ULiège / KU Leuven-PhD)
Annie Gilbert | All-ceramic hybrids: identification, thoughts and choices (ENSAV La Cambre)
Emilie Desbarax | Atypic conservation: problematic of African paintings on flour sack (ESA Saint-Luc)
11:30 // Interactive session
12:00 // Lunch at Madame Boverie & Behind-the-scenes guided tour by La Boverie
13:30 // Session 2: Work-in-progress
Marianne Rochebeuf & Alexis Guillou | Study and conservation of an ancient polychrome wooden Egyptian coffin (ENSAV La Cambre)
Wivine Roland-Gosselin | Comparative analysis of gap-filling materials applicable to painted enamels (ENSAV La Cambre)
Laure Malherbe | Use of 3D porcelain printing for the restoration of porcelain objects (ESA Saint-Luc)
Océane Magnier | Study of the adhesion of copper paintings, according to the procedures of the old treaties (ESA Saint-Luc)
Najma Bras | How to improve the internal and external transportation of works in La Cambre collection? Towards a loan policy? (ENSAV La Cambre)
14:00 // David Lainé | APROA-BRK Prize 
14:10 // Session 3: Historical approach
Liesbeth Langouche | The use of clear window glass in Flanders in the 15th till 19th century (UAntwerpen-PhD)
Séverine Coibion | Study of the stability of Paraloid® B-72 used as varnish on oil paintings preserved in non-ideal conservation conditions (ESA Saint-Luc)
Emmanuelle Nsunda | René Magritte, practitioner: archaeometrical study of two artworks La forêt and Le mariage de minuit (ULiège)
14:45 // Interactive session
15:15 // Break & Poster Session 

Isabel Osselaere | Material technical study of European lacquer on two natural horns of Courtois Frère 1803-1845 in Paris. (UAntwerpen)
15:45 // Session 4: Technical solutions
Sophie Hawotte | Additive manufacturing technologies for heritage preservation and transmission. 3D printing available for the conservator (ENSAV La Cambre)
Isabelle Cuoco | A reversible alternative for the gap-filling on glass fiber reinforced polyester artefacts: a case study (ESA Saint-Luc)
Laura Guilluy | The mechanical behavior of new synthetics adhesives for the re-joining of panel paintings, comparative study of Paraloid® B-72, Paraloid® B-44, Paraloid® B-48 and their mixtures (ENSAV La Cambre)
Clémence Jacqmin | Retouching unvarnished acrylic emulsion paintings: a comparative study of suitable retouching materials (ENSAV La Cambre)
16:45 // Caitlin Southwick | SiC - Sustainability in Conservation 
17:00 // Interactive session
17:30 // End

The first edition of Conservation Talks was organised by SHAKE in Conservation with the support of La Boverie and the Echevinat de la Culture de la Ville de Liège and the collaboration of the conservation departments of ENSAV La Cambre, ESA Saint-Luc Liège and UAntwerpen.


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