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October 24, 2019 / October 25, 2019 - University of Antwerp

Workshop Soft Particle Blasting

Soft particle blasting is a gentle dry cleaning method that can be applied to a wide variety of materials such as paper, parchment, wood, varnish, metal, glass,… 


With sponges, erasers and microfibre cloths you often have the problem that you make the surface dull, scratches arise, or polished. You also rub parts of the dirt between the fibres and the fine pores. Particularly for filigree, fragile and brittle objects and materials, blasting with soft particles is very suitable. This technique developed at the school of conservation in Cologne (CICS) is already an established value in various specialisations of conservation-restoration.


This one-day workshop will give you a brief introduction to the technique and background. It will also provide an overview of possibilities that are already recognised within the conservation restoration and presents the first results on synthetic materials. In addition, participants can try out the technique on different materials. You are free to bring your own samples to test the cleaning method. Microscopes will be provided so you can study your test results.


Instructor: Maren Dümmler M.A., conservator

Supports: Ralph-Uwe Johann (Deffner & Johann, Schweinfurt, Germany)

                  University of Antwerp




















May 13, 2019

Café des Minimes - Rue des Minimes 60, 1000 Brussels

AFTERWORK | Short films SHAKEstival

Let’s meet at our first afterwork to watch a series of short films about conservation projects from different horizons. Short films featuring case studies of various specialisations are going to be shown through 3 sessions of 30 minutes. In between you will have time to order drinks and/or food at the bar.

All colleagues and friends are welcome for this cosy and free-entrance evening!

Free entrance. Free projections but food and drinks at your own expense.

Films with English subtitles.























Mar 29, 2019

Café Leuven Central Margarethaplein 3, 3000 Leuven

Open Assembly 2019

You wish to share ideas about the future of SHAKE in Conservation? Come and brainstorm with us at our second Open Assembly!

This event will give you the opportunity to discuss in small groups on several topics such as:

- Development of informal meetings: beside our Open Assembly we want to create more opportunities to meet each other in an informal way. But what kind of informal meetings would you prefer? And how to organize those kinds of events?

-New topics for our next events: we already had several interesting workshops, with great success. But to keep it high leveled, we need to know what is needed in the field. In other words, what topics do you want to learn more about?

-Sharing on social networks: it is about online communication. Because we are a platform and want to connect people, it is a priority for us. What content do you want to receive/share? How to implement discussions? Is there something you miss on the platform?

> Free entrance but limited seats.

21-22 February 2019 – Brussels

WORKSHOP #3 Buffer Solutions: theory and kit preparation (English version)

During this two-day workshop, participants will be presented with theoretical and practical aspects of the buffer solutions used in the cleaning of artworks. Each participant will receive a kit including a selection of solutions to bring back to his/her workshop. This kit includes several bottles of solutions at three different pH (5,5 - 7 - 8,5), such as surfactant, chelator and thickener.

The theory will develop the methodology of these formulations for aqueous cleaning, their physicochemical mechanisms and a summary on acids and bases notions in order to explore the principle of buffer solutions. Moreover, some possible additives to these solutions will be mentioned. In order to perceive the application fields of these cleanings, some case studies will be reviewed in various specializations (such as sculpture, painting, ceramics and paper).

The practical part will provide the opportunity to put the theory into practice and to prepare a selection of buffer solutions.


Workshop given by Francisco Mederos-Henry, assisted bu Claire Dupuy. This workshop has been conceived alongside Cécile de Boulard. 

Dec 10, 2018

Parc de la Boverie B-4020 Liège

Conservation Talks: Big research in tiny speeches

Want to know more about conservation research & theses in Belgium?


This event focuses on research in conservation from Belgium. It aims to gather heritage professionals & students around short presentations and interactive sessions about recent research and theses. Conservation Talks is an opportunity for conservators to get in touch, exchange and enrich their research/practice; and for students and young graduates to make a first step in the professional world and get a constructive input about their project.


10:00 // Welcome - coffee
10:30 // Introduction
10:40 // Session 1: Ethical reflection
Estelle De Bruyn | The sustainable storage and its perspectives for small-scale institutions (ENSAV La Cambre)
Negin Eisazadeh | Towards an Inclusive Approach to Built Heritage Values (ULiège / KU Leuven-PhD)
Annie Gilbert | All-ceramic hybrids: identification, thoughts and choices (ENSAV La Cambre)
Emilie Desbarax | Atypic conservation: Problematic of African paintings on flour sack (ESA Saint-Luc)
11:30 // Interactive session
12:00 // Lunch at “Madame Boverie” / Behind the scenes (guided tour of La Boverie)
13:30 // Session 2: Work-in-progress
Marianne Rochebeuf & Alexis Guillou | Study and conservation of an ancient polychrome wooden Egyptian coffin (ENSAV La Cambre)
Wivine Roland-Gosselin | Conservation-restoration treatment adapted to painted enamels; suitable material(s) and implementations for filling the lacks of enamel (ENSAV La Cambre)
Laure Malherbe | Use of 3D porcelain printing for the restoration of porcelain objects (ESA Saint-Luc)
Océane Magnier | Study of the adhesion of copper paintings, according to the procedures of the old treaties (ESA Saint-Luc)
Najma Bras | How to improve the internal and external transportation of works in La Cambre collection? Towards a loan policy? (ENSAV La Cambre)
14:00 // David Lainé | APROA-BRK Prize 
14:10 // Session 3: Historical approach
Liesbeth Langouche | The use of clear window glass in Flanders in the 15th till 19th century (UAntwerpen-PhD)
Séverine Coibion | Study of the stability of Paraloid® B-72 used as varnish on oil paintings preserved in non-ideal conservation conditions (ESA Saint-Luc)
Emmanuelle Nsunda | René Magritte, practitioner: archaeometrical study of two artworks «La forêt» and «Le mariage de minuit» (ULiège)
14:45 // Interactive session
15:15 // Break
15:45 // Session 4: Technical solutions
Sophie Hawotte | Additive manufacturing technologies for heritage preservation and transmission. 3D printing available for the conservator (ENSAV La Cambre)
Isabelle Cuoco | A reversible alternative for the gap-filling on glass fiber reinforced polyester artefacts: a case study (ESA Saint-Luc)
Laura Guilluy | The mechanical behavior of new synthetics adhesives for the re-joining of panel paintings, comparative study of ParaloidTM B-72, ParaloidTM B-44, ParaloidTM B-48 and their mixtures (ENSAV La Cambre)
Clémence Jacqmin | Retouching unvarnished acrylic emulsion paintings: a comparative study of suitable retouching materials (ENSAV La Cambre)
16:45 // Caitlin Southwick | SiC - Sustainability in Conservation 
17:00 // Interactive session
17:30 // Conclusion - End

Conservation Talks is organised by SHAKE in Conservation with the support of La Boverie and the Echevinat de la Culture de la Ville de Liège and the collaboration of the conservation departments of ENSAV La Cambre, ESA Saint-Luc Liège and UAntwerpen.

Oct 18, 2018

ESA Saint-Luc Liège - 41, bd de la Constitution B-4020 LIEGE

WORKSHOP #2 Spectral Imaging

The workshop will focus on the current Spectral Imaging technology used in active and preventive art conservation. Multispectral imaging is a non-invasive analysis technique, useful both prior to or during intervention, in a wide range of specialization fields. Among others, it allows to make invisible features (such as under-drawings) visible, and the identification and mapping of constitutive materials.


Its basic principles, applications, operation methods and efficiency will be introduced and demonstrated by the scientist Prof. Vassilis Papadakis and the conservator António Cardoso of XpectralTEK. Potential applications on cultural heritage will be presented from real case studies, with a hands-on session on different materials like paintings, paper, glass, ceramics.

XpectralTEK is a company with focus on imaging diagnostic, creating tools to assist professionals in their daily work. This event is sponsored by EU funding and supported by Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc, Liège.

May 02, 2018

Rue de Praetere 18, B-1050 Brussels

WORKSHOP #1 Buffer Solutions

3-4 May 2018 | Workshop #1 Solutions Tampons

FR | Ce workshop de deux jours, donné en français, proposera aux participants une partie théorique et une partie pratique sur les solutions tampons utilisées dans le nettoyage des oeuvres d'art. Les participants repartiront avec un kit de base comprenant une sélection de solutions pour leur atelier. Workshop présenté par Cécile de Boulard, assisté par Claire Dupuy.


ENG | During this two-days workshop given in French, participants will be presented with theoretical and practical aspects of the buffer solutions used in the cleaning of artworks. Each participant will receive a kit including a selection of solutions to bring back at his/her workshop. Workshop presented by Cécile de Boulard, assisted by Claire Dupuy.

Please note that the language of instruction is French, an English version will be organized as soon as possible

Détails en français ici              //            Details in English here

Feb 23, 2018

Café Leuven Central, 3 Margarethaplein B-3000 Leuven

Open Assembly

You wish to share ideas and participate in the future of SHAKE in Conservation? Come and brainstorm with us at our first Open Assembly!

This event will give you the opportunity to discuss in small groups on several topics such as development of events, participative management, sharing tools, and others​.​​

Dec 06, 2017

L’USINE, 40 Rue du Doyenné / Dekenijstraat B-1180 Brussels

LET'S MEET! Launching Event


18h30 // Welcome
18h45 // SHAKE in Conservation: Introduction
19h00 // Talks: Lost in Conservation

Karen Bonne | Skeletons in the Cupboard – Restoring Ensor
Nico Broers | Lost in Thought: The Role of Education and Research in Conservation-Restoration
Rodolphe Lambert & Laureline Steinier | First I was Lost. A Collaborative Restoration of Marble Sculptures
19h30 // Discussion and Tips & Tricks
Participative session of information exchanges, questions, discussion on short problematics

// Food & drinks //

Jun 03, 2017

General assembly


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