14 January 2021 / 15 January 2021 - Brussels

WORKSHOP Condition Reports & Graphic Surveys on Digital Tablets

The aim of this one-day workshop is to introduce various possibilities given by the use of digital tablets (iPad and Android) to achieve condition reports and graphic surveys. 



The session will begin with the presentation of selected condition reports applications. The rest of the day will be spent discovering different graphic survey applications through practice. Then, many topics will be explored to communicate and localise the alterations observed on artworks, such as the creation and mastering of layers, the making of hatched or dotted areas, the insertion of figures and text and also how to customise tools and colour schemes. 


Condition report:

- Horus Condition Report, Art Report: (both are French applications) to edit and archive condition reports.

- Adobe Fill & Sign, PDF Expert: to fill in forms in pdf format.


Graphic surveys:

- Autodesk Sketchbook: to achieve complex surveys step by step (illustration format, layers, figures and text insertion, texturised areas, customisation of tools  and more…)

- Adobe Capture: creation of surveys backgrounds.

- Introduction to metric survey layouts with the application AutoCAD.

- Moldiv: a complementary application to rectify and reframe pictures. It can also be used to make before/after images of artworks.

> Its contents can be modified according to the expectations of the audience. 



Nina Robin holds a master’s degree in painting conservation-restoration from the Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne. As an independent, she collaborates with various institutions and uses on a regular basis different applications to achieve condition reports and graphic surveys in ateliers or on wall painting conservation in situ working sites.


Dates (one to select):

> 14 January 2021 (09:00-17:00)

> 15 January 2021 (09:00-17:00)

Venue: Artwecare - Rue de Praetere/Praeterestraat 18 B-1050 Brussels (Ixelles/Elsene)



Registration fee: 180 EUR - Coffee breaks, lunch included

Deadline: 29 December 2020

Limited to 12 participants per day

All professional and student conservators from any specialisations (2D and 3D), experts in preventive conservation are welcome to join. This event is not dedicated to condition report training: participants must already be familiar with the process.

We expect the participants to attend the course bringing a digital tablet with downloaded applications: a list of the applications required and their downloading instructions will be sent within 15 days before the event. SHAKE in Conservation can provide digital tablets to participants in needs if mentioned in advance.
Please note that the language of instruction is English.

Feb 24, 2021

The Comics Art Museum - Brussels

CONSERVATION TALKS 2021: Big Research in Tiny Speeches

Conservation Talks: Big Research in Tiny Speeches is back for a second edition! 

This full-day conference focus on academic conservation research conducted in Belgium, such as PhD and Master Thesis work. The concept is to allow both conservation professionals and students to dynamically present their research in tiny speeches of 10 minutes. 


The day will include access to the museum and two interactive sessions dedicated to meetings, posters and samples presentations. Conservation Talks provide attendees with an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in a supportive atmosphere. 


The call for lectures and posters is open! 

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